barrier projection, relying less on her telepathic abilities

Maximoff carried a deep fear of making mistakes and was frequently wracked with guilt and remorse.Harkness attempted to warn her of what she’s now unleashed, stating she’ll need her, but Scarlet Witch ignored her and transformed Harkness into “Agnes.” Driven by a desire to fight in the front lines rather than as passive support, Maximoff honed her powers to become more combat-oriented, focusing on energy blasts, throws, and barrier projection, relying less on her telepathic abilities.

Fortunately, she was not blinded completely by passion and was capable of reason, clearly being appalled by the level of Champion of Cosplay destruction Ultron was trying to achieve, and promptly sided with the Avengers to make amends.

When using her telekinetic abilities, her irises glow a bright red color. Her power signature is similar to that of theĀ  Black Superman CostumeMind Stone, as she gained her powers from it. Maximoff’s powers are reliant on movement and focus, which means her enemies or opponents can stop her from using her powers by disrupting her concentration or restricting her movement.

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