I knew this was likely to occur the moment they implemented the slow-drip method

My expectation at Animal Crossing Bells this point is they’re secretly working on a big content dump that’ll come out around the anniversary of this match and they have only been spoon feeding us small upgrades to keep us invested. I really like the new features they have added and I really like the aesthetics of this game, but it’s those previous attributes that kept me invested in the sequence. NL obtained that fairly big amiibo upgrade, something similar would do wonders for NH.

Yeah… I knew this was likely to occur the moment they implemented the slow-drip method. New Horizons is a incomplete game, but they needed to release Animal Crossing last March, I guess, even if it meant giving us waaaay less material than New Leaf. It is awful because New Leaf with New Horizon’s customization and decoration would quite literally be a PERFECT Animal Crossing game, but they thought that customization could take the entire adventure for everyone, and that certainly hasn’t worked out.

The problem for me is that the game forces the crafting system on you for the majority of the things you might want and the recipes are entirely RNG. If you want a specific furniture set you can’t rely upon a specific vendor to market that product, you need to expect that you receive all the recipes and none of those items require materials that can only be acquired in certain parts of buy Animal Crossing Items the year.

Asked on January 13, 2021 in Arts.
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