I’ve yet to have any bad experiences with RuneQuest fans

I was about to say Animal Crossing New Horizons Items lovers are only crazy, but I recalled that the accusations of ableism/sexism over which character people married in Fire Emblem, so perhaps it’s only Nintendo fans generally.

No, it’s all fanbases generally. When a fanbase gets large, there’s always dumb shit going on. It sounds believable to me personally but it’s the Type of data point I would not want to repeat to anyone else without a source

I’ve yet to have any bad experiences with RuneQuest fans, but I might not be looking in the perfect places. Helps that the fanbase is tiny and old.Can’t recall a single toxic thing from the Dwarf Fortress fandom. . . .Plenty of all in-universe horror tales, but nothing in the community. Maybe we’re just too small for now and the moment Steam migrant wave arrives, difficulty begins, but I do not wish to think about that. Things should be fine. And if something goes amok, we’ll throw the troublemakers to a volcano to appease Armok…

I see some pretty awful Tumblr articles and users, but I believe that there are enough rational people to drown them out (at least to a point, anyway).You forgot to mention: that is since Edelgard is bisexual and can be romanced by both the male and female player personality, whereas Dimitri can simply be romanced by the female PC.

Fantastic point. And that’s another issue with 3H: it is really weird about that which characters are bi. Catherine and Shamir are fairly clearly a few, but both are only straight options for your player. Petra and Dorothea’s end is fairly clearly romantic, yet simply Dorothea is really bi as much as the player is concerned. And Claude is not into dudes, making no buy bells new horizons sense, because if you asked me before I finished the match which character is bisexual, he’d be my first guess.

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