This will combine the very first suggestion with the wait

However, if u RuneScape gold chose to u can earn a portal, rather than wrench option to make ur portal from these places: lumby swamp, infront of draynor manor. North of falador, and next into the backyard gate in varrock castle. I think this would be a great idea and it’s for free 2p also. . .and no it doesnt increase construction. I’d appreciate it if some1 could copy and paste this on runescape forums, and place the quick find code.

My initial suggestion:New bait (In a small waythis can allow you to grab what you want to catch) In harry’s fishing shop in catherbley, you can buy lure for diffrent fish… HOW TO USE BAIT:Utilize the bait with the essential equipment to catch the fish you want to capture, it will turn from an ordenery fishing equipment (Eg. Lobster pot) into a Fishing Equipment with just how much lure it has in it in brackets, (eg. Lobster marijuana to Lobster marijuana (50)). Cool?

This will combine the very first suggestion with the wait characteristic of farming. Also a brand new fish will be making an apperence. First you buy a trawler off any sailor to get 500K (500’000gp), Then you get on the boat and use the fishing equipment together with the internet holder, Then use the lure using the net holder, Click on the steering wheel to set sail, Then when your done, click the row boat and it is going to take you back to vent sairum. To return to the ship, visit the row boat and click on it.

Remeber that sense of pride you have when you completed dragon slayer? How did you get to Crandor? By boat of course! How can you go to Pest Control to save the Void Knight? Boat! How can you go to Brimenhaven Dungeon to own some metal dragons? Boat needless buy OSRS gold to say! Boats are used frequently in RuneScape.

Asked on April 8, 2021 in Arts.
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