What”thing” in Runescape has enhanced your playing experience?

I will start the ball rolling with my choice: Magic level 37. Teleport to Falador (magic level 37), Lumbridge (magic level 33), and Varrock (magic level 25). Nothing beats on teleportation: it’s my favourite thing that Jagex has ever put in the match. What is your favorite F2P”thing” in Runescpe that enhances/enhanced your playing experience? Guild. Rest feature. I’m so glad Jagex put this in. Waiting for conduct energy to recharge when you hit zero conduct energy was always tremendously slow. As a matter of RuneScape gold fact, hitting zero energy was a strong driver for finishing the Lumbridge/Draynor journal. I desired the 50% run energy boost it gave. When I reached Lumdridge Explorer’s ring level 1, it had been so good getting that one run energy increase per day! When I got Lumbridge Explorer’s ring level 2/3, I was pleased that now I could conduct boost two/three times daily (that felt like such a long time ago). Oh, how I wish I began playing Runescape after the Rest Characteristic was released.

I had been playing Runescape beginning several months back (since December 2008) using a high-speed internet connection, with no lag. Then starting September 2009, I have since undergone several occasions of lag (that each lasted a few moments ). On a few more rare events, the lag turned into a complete freeze or auto-log-out. Other Runescape players advised me lag has gone up because of the variety of people logging in to access the new change-your-Runescape-name feature.

1) Has anybody else noticed a huge increase in lag starting September 2009? I used to always play Runescape in regular-graphics style (SD) and then switched to high-graphics style (HD). I chose to HD about April, so that I was playing HD lag-free for some time.

2) Has anyone played HD with lag, then changed to SD and found SD lag-free? I like the HD, but I do not mind switching to SD for a while if that will eliminate the lag.

Back when Clue Scrolls were introduced to Runescape, many users flocked around expecting for a precious benefit, killing and killing, turning down other activities to do what is known now as Treasure Trails. Players spent hours trailing back and forth, some becoming blessed, some not so much. However, to this day they’ve been something hard and fun to perform for the Runescape Community. It is a game of buy OSRS gold chance, of course – but is becoming rich fast worth all of the hours spent, once you could use that same time for continuous pay skilling?

Asked on October 9, 2020 in Angular.
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